The concept behind the creation of VitieLife came about as we wanted to give people access to premium quality Vitamins and Minerals at an affordable price. VitieLife aims to bring you a variety of products that cater for all your supplement needs. There are so many different products to choose from today and most people don’t know which products they need or what the specific functions of those products are. At VitieLife, we provide you with information on why these vitamins and minerals are essential and how they will assist you in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle without having to spend a fortune.

We also understand that in today’s rushed life, people crave convenience, and we wanted ensure that we not only bring you a quality vitamin range, but that we also make it convenient by ensuring that you get your required Vitamins on time, every month. So, we created VitieBox! VitieBox is South Africa’s first ever vitamin subscription box, that gets delivered (free of charge) right to your doorstep every month and contains your basic yet most essential vitamins that your body needs to function optimally on a day to day basis. 

We started off by launching our VitieLife Foundation Box which has been very popular to date, and have just released our new Weight Management Box that comes with our Vitielife 12 Week Body Transformation booklet, filled with meal plans, weight-loss smoothie recipes, an exercise guide and various other tools to assist you in your weight loss journey.  We plan to still launch 3 additional VitieLife boxes which includes the Digestive Box, Stress Less Box and Energy Box – so be sure to keep an eye out for these awesome boxes!

Johnny Lucas is the founder and CEO of VitieLife and is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same. He has been very successful in the fitness industry, achieving National colours in both Athletics and also later in bodybuilding. He had the honour of representing major supplement brands in South Africa throughout his Fitness career, and gained tremendous product knowledge over the years which enabled him to develop his own high end range of supplements, focused on giving people the best quality vitamins and supplements at an affordable price. 

As a qualified Personal Trainer, Johnny would see many people at the gym battle with their weight, tried various products on the market that didn’t work and spent a lot of money trying out product after product to no avail. In his dealing with various corporate companies and their staff in their wellness programs, he could also see how stress and an unhealthy lifestyle was affecting many people and their health on a daily basis, which became an even bigger driving force for him to jump in and assist people in making a positive, healthy change in their busy lifestyle. 

He is backed by a highly skilled team, from Biochemists to Dietitians, that assisted him in producing the best quality products and services. Johnny’s aspirations for VitieLife is to be much more than just another supplement company. His aim is to assist people with their health and wellness goals, as well as provide them with the necessary tools such as exercise and Wellness booklets that will guide them step by step on their new health journey. Johnny`s main focus is partnering with corporate companies where stress and anxiety takes a huge toll on staff, by providing them access to high quality products and wellness plans that cater for their specific needs. 

As a fitness specialist Johnny’s ultimate goal and dream, is to make healthy living easier, more affordable for ALL and to inspire people to make their health a real PRIORITY.

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